Frequently asked questions about Frond Art, as well as the process of ordering them from this shop.

Can they be placed outside?
Yes, they have a clear coat on them, but I do recommend sealing them with a heavier clear sealer if you live in an area with higher humidity or rain fall.
Will they rot or breakdown over time?
As long as there’s a minimal level of care put into them, they should not breakdown or fall apart at all over time, especially if it’s placed indoors.
Can I have a piece made custom or an existing piece customized?
Yes! Both options are available, which one is the better option will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
How big are these pieces?
The average pieces range between 10″ tall, and 40″ tall. There have been pieces created larger, and smaller than that range, but almost all of them will fall between these sizes.
How long does it take to receive a piece once it's been ordered?

If the piece is already finished and ordered from a listing on the website without any requested modifications, it will be shipped standard ground via USPS within 2 days after order has been placed.

I saw a piece that I really like in the gallery that was already sold, can I have another piece made exactly the same?
We are more than happy to meet any requests to the best of our abilities, however; these are all hand carved, hand painted pieces made from unique organic materials and cannot be guaranteed to be identical to anything due to those factors.

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