What is Frond Art?
And who is the artist that makes them?

Palm Frond Carvings

Frond Art was created to share Tank Bilt’s hand made palm frond carvings with the world. The inspiration for making palm fronds into art came when Tank had seen a palm frond fashioned into a tiki skull at the shop of his friend and mentor, James Waggaman. The creator of that piece would later be identified as Cormack, a tattooer in 29 Palms, CA.

In 2010, Tank came upon some loose palm fronds near his home in Oceanside, CA and used them for his first set of carvings. Other than the occasional gift, Tank didn’t carve any more until after moving to Las Vegas, NV, where some interest had arisen.

The production of palm frond carvings has grown to expand the operation, now including a sales/marketing team. Over the years the style, detail, and variety of these creations have transformed along with the skill and technical abilities necessary to continually raise the bar of possibility.

The fronds that are used come from Queen Palm trees, which are somewhat present in Nevada, but the lack of constant moisture keeps them from getting nearly as large or dense as the fronds in coastal California areas.

To this day, Tank personally sources all of his own fronds during day trips to California.

Tank Bilt - The Artist

Tank was born in Redding, Ca. and stayed there until days before his 19th birthday when he shipped off to boot camp for the Marine Corps in San Diego, Ca.

After graduating, he was stationed at Camp Pendleton, Ca. for his 4 years of active duty service. He served 1 deployment in Iraq and got out of the Corps in 2009 with an honorable discharge.

After his service, Tank stayed in the North County San Diego area doing fabrication and custom automotive paint until 2012 when he made the move to Las Vegas.

Since then, Tank has been living in or around Las Vegas working either as an artist or in the custom automotive industry. Cars and motorcycles have always been a big part of his life, which played a role in the development of his artistic style and interests.

Tank launched the Frond Art brand in 2020 in hopes to share his artwork with the world.

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